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Testimonials (2005)

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VM Thu 15 Dec John,

Thank you for the work we have done. I no longer fear making my own feelings known. It's wonderful and it's changed how I live and work with colleagues.

I had doubts about zpoint - you said I might, but I can not believe how fast zpoint seems to work - I was expecting to be in therapy for a lot longer, judging by past experiences elsewhere. I can recommend you highly.
K.P. Sun 9 Oct

I just had to drop you this quick e-mail to say thanks for all the great work you did with me recently. I came to you with a lot of emotional baggage following a break up of a relationship. Although this relationship ended some 3 years ago my head was still very much in a mess and i was really struggling to get over it and just wasn't able to move on with my life.

I have to admit that i was a little skeptical as i had never been to a psychotherapist before but i had absolutely no reason to be. Your very kind, caring  and sympathetic approach to my problems made me feel very relaxed and comfortable when i was undergoing my therapy with you and the techniques you used were absolutely fantastic and very effective. Infact a lot of the techniques you taught me i am now useing in lots of other aspects of my life.

To say it was a life changing experience would be an understatement.   I really feel that thanks to you i have made great changes in my life and am now so much more positive about my future. My only regret is that i didnt come to see you a lot sooner than i did.

Once again John can i please say thanks for everything you did. Take Care.....

Confidential Thu 31 Mar Hello John,

... The work you did to help me through the best-man speech I had I thought was excellent, and I would like to try and apply similar techniques to some other areas if possible.



Wed 9 Mar

Hi John,
(Personal content abridged)
During this morning I was very anxious but I felt in control (this would not have been the case before) I knew it would be hard but I also knew I could do it. The seminar itself was fine, I did it! I now feel more hopeful for the future and am so glad I came to see you, thank you very much.
All the best



It hurt so bad she couldn't cry,
......she became the girl from yesterday.....
thank-you for bringing her back.
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