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Sadly, recent changes in my professional memberships have resulted in the necessity for me to conform to a generally accepted a code of ethics from the National College Student Alumni Guild, which I consider to be valuable. Namely, it is not considered ethical by this body to offer testimonials.

Whilst this view is not universaly accepted within all the psychotherapy and counselling professions, and whilst I personally feel this is a loss to prospective clients, it is a "code of ethics" issue, and I must comply with these regulations.

As would be expected I have chosen to remove the many testimonials accrued over nearly 15 years from this website. However, I would like to say a warm thank you to all those who have, over the years, contributed their kind remarks on this page, and have helped others to understand what it's like to complete therapy successfully, with a good outcome and to determine the level of trust that may be placed in this therapist.

Thank you once again.

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