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Different Therapies

Choosing the right approach in therapy can be a daunting task, but like all tasks the problem is much easier to solve when information is available: information you need on a personal and individual basis to help you make the right choices in therapy.

Many have heard of hypnotherapy or psychotherapy and counselling, but these terms are often not well understood by the general public. Unless you have already been through therapy yourself, it is quite unlikely that your expectations of therapy and its outcomes are accurate or realistic.

But how do YOU know what might be the right approach for YOU?

There is information on this site that will help, but nothing can rival an individual consultation with your therapist - just to get an expert opinion and help you make an appropriate and useful choice.

You are free to use the information on this site to help you make your own choices so please take this opportunity. After you have formed your own ideas, please call us to discuss how you might like to proceed.

The consultation is always totally confidential - no exceptions.

So how do I find a Therapist?

You just have! If you would like to consider having therapy, or just find the situation you are in difficult and don’t know what help you really do need, call John Thornley on 07595 880250 .

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